The El Shaddai Church is located in Pruszków, in the South-West subs of Warsaw. We are a local church of the Church of God in Poland, which is a part of Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee the world’s oldest Pentecostal, and charismatic churches.


El Shaddai

The El Shaddai Church mission is to spread and share a joyful Gospel Truth about salvation and freedom in Christ, so that everyone can experience its power.

God is more than sufficient to satisfy every need and solve every human’s problem.

We bring those, who are already God’s children, to spiritual maturity, so that can serve God in society and in the church, according to their vocation, gifts, talents and abilities.

What We Believe

The foundations of our faith are based only on the Bible. In this way, we reach to the teaching of the apostolic church of the first century, in which the so-called tradition was not the norm of faith and conduct.

Our Ministries

Charity and aid service

Although we are not a large church, we want to serve the local community of our city and its surroundings as much as possible.

Course for engaged couples

The course is designed to help enter marriage in the right way. During the course, the couple discusses together various issues such as marriage covenant, mutual expectations, family finance, the role of husband and wife, conflict resolution, building good communication and sex.

Individual marriage guidance and counseling

There is no need to convince anyone that we often face problems that we cannot solve. The Bible shows us that there are no problems that God could not help us with.

Children’s church

As we are a vibrant church, we think about future generations. We desire their hearts to be full of love for Jesus. We want this love to be given to children.

Home groups

Such a service is constantly developing in our church. We build relationships, read the Bible, discuss and pray during meetings in small groups in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. There is also a lot of joy, laugh and good time.

Join Us

El Shaddai in Pruszków
ul. Błońska 12, Pruszków, Poland
“Dragon” building

Thursday 8:00 pm
Sunday 11:11 am