About Us

„El Shaddai” Church is located in Pruszków, in the South-West subs of Warsaw. We are a local church of the Church of God in Poland, which is a part of Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee the world’s oldest Pentecostal, and charismatic churches.

The Church of God was born in the late 80’s of the XIX century in North America. Its origin is connected to holiness movement (born in American Methodists’ communities). Nowadays, the church has about 10 million members in 180 countries on all continents, with headquarter located in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. You can find more information about the Church of God in Poland here: kosciolbozy.pl

„El Shaddai” Church in Pruszkow is a fellowship of people who experience real God in their lives. The name of our church – “El Shaddai” comes from the Scripture. In Hebrew it means “God Almighty”, “God who provides”. It reminds key truth of God’s Word that God loves and cares for our lives. We want to talk about such a good God and present His love in a practical way. Come to one of our meetings to see another face of Christianity where you can experience the true God without formalism and religious language in a relaxed, joyful atmosphere
„El Shaddai” Church is a part of apostolic network of churches of pastor Bruno & Rakel Knutzen with headquarters in Impact Church, Roskilde, Denmark.