Charity and aid service

Although we are not a large church, we want to serve the local community of our city and its surroundings as much as possible. We cooperate with municipal institutions and social organizations. We organize events for children, trainings and talks for retirees and pensioners; we support the poor and people in need. We help people injured in fires and victims of other natural disasters. We are far away from the needs of those who personally turn to us for help and support.

Course for engaged couples

The course is designed to help enter marriage in the right way. During the course, the couple discusses together various issues such as marriage covenant, mutual expectations, family finance, the role of husband and wife, conflict resolution, building good communication and sex. The course is not a dry lecture. It is rather a common conversation and a clash of different opinions and views. A bonus of the course is the possibility to do specialized tests, such as marriage match test, love languages test, personality color test, etc.

Individual marriage guidance and counseling

Our pastor and properly trained leaders provide individual counseling for couples and families. There is no need to convince anyone that we often face problems that we cannot solve. The Bible shows us that there are no problems that God could not help us with.

Children’s church

As we are a vibrant church, we think about future generations. We desire their hearts to be full of love for Jesus. We want this love to be given to children. Children’s church classes take place simultaneously with our Sunday services. The Children’s church activities are present not only on Sundays. This ministry also includes trips out of town and indoor/outdoor events for kids.

Home groups

Such a service is constantly developing in our church. We build relationships, read the Bible, discuss and pray during meetings in small groups in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. There is also a lot of joy, laugh and good time.

Prayer and intercession ministry

It is a service that focuses on praying for specific needs and problems. It is extremely important for us to pray for ourselves and support spiritually in difficult times. People at this ministry pray not only for church members but also for anyone in need who has a prayer request given to them.