Our Vision and Mission

Our desire is to build church that is:

  • strong and dynamic – meetings and all our activities show living faith. Leaders have a spiritual authority that comes from everyday relationship with God
  • biblical and charismatic – Holy Spirit and His gifts present in everyday life
  • preaching the Gospel– in various ways and forms so it can be understood in our modern times
  • having an impact on the city and the surrounding area – by shaping new believers into Jesus’ disciples and establishing new churches in other places

„El Shaddai” Church mission is to spread and share a joyful Gospel Truth about salvation and freedom in Christ, so that everyone can experience its power. God is more than sufficient to satisfy every need and solve every human’s problem. We bring those, who are already God’s children, to spiritual maturity, so that can serve God in society and in the church, according to their vocation, gifts, talents and abilities.